About Us

A few years ago we decided to focus on one product - CRAB CAKES - to make our product the best it could be, and get it to our customers at the best possible price. Here's our Story - We started out as a young couple simply looking to start a business. Gary has the talent and culinary experience - Courtney the business and people background, together we would build our future. Well, we have had a few failures to learn by and have tasted some success. About 5 months after the opening of our first restaurant, West Cape Cafe, the Press of Atlantic City printed an article about us. The response was overwhelming! People started coming from all around to meet the newlyweds and taste our Crab Cakes. Now, we had always received wonderful feed back from our restaurant, especially our Crab Cakes. But the extent of this response was truly unexpected! Along with the rush of new customers, came the familiarity of returning customers - like the girl who came in three times a week for the entire 9 months of her pregnancy just to eat a Crab Cake, and the mother & son who drove an hour and a half every Sunday to eat at our restaurant (of course they always ate Crab Cakes), and finally, the lady who started it all by knocking on our kitchen door, after hours, begging us to sell her uncooked Crab Cakes so she could serve them at a dinner party! Slowly word of mouth started to take over. A small sign placed on every table produced phone calls from Pennsylvania, Florida, and as far as California, asking us to ship our Crab Cakes to them. In the Summer of 2003 we decided to make the Cape May Crab Cake Factory our primary focus. Since then we have been steadily expanding our business, branching out from store front to local festivals, fundraisers ... and now the web. Enjoy!!!!

Cape May Crab Cake Factory 609-741-5278